Simplify Your Team Management

Spreadsheets aren't a great way to manage your team and resources. Member Hub streamlines this process making the data accessible and understandable by everyone.

Qualification and skill management

Manage your members qualifications and skills. Log in from any device with an internet connection, to check your members qualifications, skills, training logs, and training currency.

Meet training expectations

Set qualification expectations for your team and ensure you have enough currently competency members qualified. This will also help you plan future training.

Qualification Expiry

Stay on the front foot, recieve notifications before your qualifications expire. Qualifications can also have criteria added which requires members to complete within certain time periods to remain current and competent.

Attendance management

Our attendance management system allows members to clock-on and clock-off of every activity using any internet connected device through their own member portal or the shared kiosk. Track how many members are currently active and their fatigue level based on their duration. Clock-on to calendar events or pre-defined categories for accurate reporting and breakdown of where your team or individuals are spending their time.


Create and share a calendar with your team. Request personnel to attend and collect their responses in real-time. Members can see upcoming calendar events through their member portal including who is organising the event, attendees, and the event details.

Members can stay up to date with calendar events through the automated weekly brief email or by using the standard icalendar format synchronised with their smart phone or personal calendar.

Email & SMS Communication

Keep your team engaged and informed using Member Hub Engage. Use our simple rich editor to visually compose your message, add recipients from lists, based on qualifications and attendance. Track which of your recipients received their message, which ones have read the message and which messages never reached their intended destination.

You can create reuable templates to save time when composing the same message over and over. Our communication systems allow for a high volume of messages to be delivered quickly.

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