Release Notes is our regular update that highlights the product improvements we've made, so you can easily stay up to date on what's new. Here's what we launched as part of version 1.1.18.

Visitor Sign-in

Visitors were not previously captured in Member Hub this made it difficult to track who is onsite and especially difficult during an evacuation. You can now get rid of archaic paper based systems and use the Member Hub Kiosk to sign-in/out visitors. The only required information for a visitor is their first name.

If there is an evacuation anyone with Kiosk or Manage access will be able to view everyone currently onsite.

2016 10 visitor sign in

Kiosk Barcode Scanner Detection

Our Kiosk has been updated to detect and capture barcode scanners even when the search field is not selected. This should help ensure everyone is clocked on correctly and speed up the process.

2016 10 kiosk barcode scanner

Event Attendance

Now you can actually see how much time and which members or visitors attended an event. You can also see if they responded to the event using Member Hub.

2016 10 event attendance

Track when a member responds in Member Hub to say they will attend an event, but do not show. This is automatically updated based on a member clocking on for an event.

2016 10 event no show

Login Errors

When you attempt to login and there is a problem, we will show you an error message and also highlight the fields red. Previously we only highlighted the fields red. This should be a little more user friendly and provide some valuable feedback.

2016 10 login errors

Minor Changes

  • Add expire date to operator endorsements.
  • Ensure members have an email address before trying to send password reset.
  • Prevent archived members appearing in competency reports.

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